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What is erosion of the front teeth?


tooth erosion

tooth erosion, The erosion of the front teeth causes an unpleasant appearance and indicates a problem in the health of the teeth, so you should pay attention to it and find out the causes of tooth erosion, as well as treatment methods.

What is the erosion of the front teeth?

The teeth are the mirror of the face, and the whiter they are, the more beautiful the face becomes, so you should take care of your face and give it great attention so as not to affect your appearance, and infect you with any damage and pain, what is the erosion of the front teeth

What is the erosion of the front teeth?

The erosion of teeth refers to the erosion of the enamel layer of the teeth, and this erosion may reach the dentin layer, the inner layer responsible for the formation of teeth, causing sensitivity that varies according to the amount of this erosion, where this amount varies depending on the causes that led to its occurrence.

Causes of erosion of the front teeth

There are some causes that may lead to erosion of the front teeth, namely:

  • Teeth rubbing against each other: the outer surface of the teeth, and rubbing against each other, some people do this habit without realizing its dangers, as this may happen during sleep.
  • Harsh toothbrushes: washing teeth sharply with a toothbrush with stiff bristles can cause wear to the front teeth.
  • Breaking hard objects with teeth: some resort to using teeth to break something solid, whether food or others, and this also causes the teeth to weaken and corrode.
  • Eating acidic foods in excess: which causes the occurrence of corrosion of teeth metals, and this applies to acidic foods and drinks, such as oranges, lemons, and others.
  • Stomach disorders: those who suffer from acid reflux are the most susceptible to tooth erosion, as the gastric acid that returns to the mouth affects the health of the teeth.

Other reasons: the following may also include:

  1. Excessive consumption of carbonated drinks.
  2. Dry mouth or decreased salivation.
  3. Eat high in sugar and starches.
  4. Some medications, such as antihistamines, and aspirin.
  5. Hereditary factors.

How does the erosion of the front teeth appear

Erosion is in the form of zigzags below the upper teeth, and above the lower teeth, in addition to the presence of some cracks in the area that separates the teeth and gums.

Treatment of erosion of the front teeth

From the medical side, these will be the treatment steps:

  1. Apply fluoride to the surface of the teeth and areas that have been exposed to corrosion, and the doctor will recommend that the patient use a fluoride rinse at the treatment stage but without overdoing it.
  2. Treatment of dentin damage by composite fillings (Composite tooth bonding), The Color of which is very similar to the color of white teeth, thus reducing the degree of sensitivity in the teeth, and preventing further wear.
  3. With the severity of wear in the teeth that causes an unpleasant appearance, resort to contact lenses for the teeth to make their appearance more attractive than it was before.
  4. Use veneers or dental crowns in more serious cases to prevent further erosion and damage to the teeth.

Prevention of erosion of the front teeth

With a few simple steps, you can protect yourself from tooth erosion, as well as restore your health after the occurrence of this erosion, which is as follows:

  • 1. Eating healthy integrated food

Do not tolerate this because it helps a lot in the health of teeth, which is one of the essential parts of the body, and neglect in eating healthy food causes teeth weakness and corrosion.

And you should pay attention to foods that contain calcium needed to strengthen teeth and diet, such as milk, and eggs.

  • 2. Use a suitable toothbrush

It is not recommended to brush with coarse and hard bristles on the teeth because it increases the chances of this wear, as well as you should not rub the bristles with the teeth strongly so as not to affect them negatively.

  • 3. Reduce drinking citrus and carbonated drinks

Of course, acidic drinks have many benefits, but too many of them also affect health and cause this corrosion, as well as carbonated drinks, have a big role in the emergence of dental problems.

You should also be careful to drink citrus in the correct way so that it does not touch the teeth, so use the straw and make it go to the inside of the mouth directly, so that it reaches the stomach without the need to touch the teeth.

  • 4. Sugar-free chewing gum

This applies to people with stomach problems and disorders that lead to the occurrence of reflux, since this gum contributes to the secretion of a larger amount of saliva, thereby protecting the teeth from the negative effects of gastric acid.

  • 5. Do not use teeth in jobs that do not suit them

And refrain from breaking hard objects through them or pressing them together and increasing the friction between the upper and lower part of the teeth.

  • 6. Treatment of visible parts of dentin

You should go to the doctor to check the teeth periodically and make sure that there are no exposed parts of this dentin, and in case of detection of this occurrence, you must receive treatment to reduce the sensitivity of the teeth and thus not occur erosion.


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