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Drink 8 Glasses of Water Per Day

Drink 8 Glasses of Water Per Day


Drink 8 Glasses of Water Per Day, Hey, we're going to talk about the water, a myth. I know you were taught that you need to drink eight glasses of water a day. I was taught that everyone knows that, that's what they say.

You need to do well someday, I'm gonna find who they are because every time I find out a concept that everyone is doing, we just have to do it. The myth is that you need to drink eight glasses of water a day.

The truth is, you don't actually need to drink that much water. You need about 64 ounces a day. And if you're active, you need about 115 ounces a day. So basically, you're good to go with just about eight glasses of water a day. 

If you're going to be drinking fluids anyway, I think water is definitely the best option. This is why I recommend drinking it instead of juice or sugary drinks.

I suspect, this because it turns out most of those recommendations, end up being false down. The road, so I guess the common thought is: 

you have to drink half of your body weight in ounces. So if I'm 200 pounds that's a hundred ounces, that's twelve and a half glasses of water a day! That'S a lot of water and that's eight-ounce, glasses. Okay, so let's just go through this okay number, one, sixty percent of the body is water.

Is that true? No, it's not true. In fact, zero percent of your body is water. Not one millimeter of your body is pure water. It'S all electrolyte fluids.

You got your blood, you live your urine. All these fluids are electrolytes, that's minerals, it's sodium, potassium, calcium, and a lot of other stuff in these fluids. It's not just pure water. So that's kind of a falsity number two, the body doesn't know when it's thirsty. I love this well.

First of all, it does know. When thirsty, you can perceive thirst, hunger, and hot-cold temperature. You can perceive a lot of things. You have 52 perceptions of perceiving a lot of stuff, so when someone tells you well sometimes when you're hungry you're really thirsty, they're just making stuff up. Okay, all right, that's false!

All! Right! So now number three water flushes out the fat, so you need to drink more water because it helps you with losing weight. There'S never been one person that lost even an ounce of fat by drinking more water. It'S a myth.

You can't lose weight by drinking more water, because fat is fat, soluble, and it's not water-soluble. It doesn't dissolve by pouring more water onto it. It's not going to happen. Try this take a slab of bacon fatty bacon and pour water and shake it up and see if it dissolves. I tell you the stuff that people believe it's incredible or they say drink more water because you're going to eat more meat, fewer calories right because it's you're going to not be as hungry.

Well, yeah, until you have to use the bathroom all right, number: four water flushes out toxins. Well again, toxins are fats, Seibel they're, not water-soluble, and that would be like pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, drugs, they're, all fat, soluble they're, not water-soluble. So it's not going to flush. Anything out it's going to get stuck in the fat, so drinking more water is not going to flush those out. Okay, number five water helps dry skin, not true.

Dry skin is a deficiency of vitamin A and that's in the skin. That is in the eyes. It'S in the dry mouth, your body will dry out when it doesn't have the oils in the fat, not the water, same thing with your joints. Your joints are lubricated and your skin is lubricated and it will look young when you have oil and fat. But it's not water.

The people that drink the most water actually are the most dehydrated. Now, how can that be? Because of the difference in electrolytes, there's a condition called hyponatremia? And that is a condition where you can die of and it's drinking too much water because it's going to flush out all the electrolytes and the cells are going to swell because they have no electrolytes to mobilize the fluid. Even your brain will swell you can even have a coma.

A heart attack enlarged liver, okay seizures. So all these things can come by drinking so much water, alright, so I probably drink on a given day, maybe two, maybe three cups of water a day. That'S what I drink, your body adjusts if you drink less you'll, pee less. If you drink more you'll pee more, your body is always trying to maintain a natural balance. I personally drink Pellegrino, because I, like the carbonation some people, don't I like this.


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